Saturday, July 7, 2007

A laugh for any dog lover

I have two dogs. One is a mutt and the other is half pit half lab. Freckles and Tucker are great dogs, but they love to rest on our beds and couches. We only "allow" them up on the bed when we invite them, but even then they take up all the space. Often, my dad will have to yell (in a kind way) "get off of my bed!" The dogs do fairly well with instructions, but still climb up when we're not looking every once in a while. What I really hate is when they lick your sheets and get them soaked with dog slobber! LOL! Anyway, I thought I would post these pics/comics on here because I think anyone with a dog can relate to them, and anyone in general can enjoy them.
(From the "Bed Hog" collector plate series by Gary Patterson, marketed by Danbury Mint.)

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Hannah said...

Cute pictures! When my children get a bit older, I'm hoping to get a dog. I admire your comment on my team blog, you were brave to say it! May you shine a light for Christ everyday!

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